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Private Aviation

A private plan is an excellent and expedient choice for traveling from the airport to your desired destination. We offer a wide range of airport aviation consulting and services dedicated to private transportation.


Dedicated Team

With over 20 years of combined experience from our private aviation companies, our dedicated team is proficiently equipped to handle and manage your reservations, ensuring the comfortable and safe arrival of your travelers at their destinations.

Customized Trip Notifications

We ensure timely updates on your customized private aviation trips, providing you with notifications that include essential details such as chauffeur information, keeping you well-informed throughout your journey.

Our Vehicles

Our private aviation vehicle service offers a seamless chauffeured experience, providing a wide range of vehicles for your tours and events. Our fleet includes various car options such as limos, vans, coaches, standard sedans, premium sedans, limos, and SUVs.

An Executive Car Company in Florida

We care about your peace of mind. At Royal Floridian we offer the ultimate luxury transportation experience in Florida. Whether it’s a family outing, Business visit, or a romantic night out, we cater to all your luxury transportation needs. Book now for a stress-free and unforgettable journey

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